Home Loan Toolkit!

Your Home Loan Toolkit, a step by step guide to understanding the loan process. Our interactive PDF document lets you make the most of your mortgage, find out what works for you helps you confirm that you're making a good decision.

Understanding Your Mortgage

  • Define what affordable means to you
  • Understand your credit
  • Pick the Mortgage type that works for you
  • Choose the right down payment for you
  • Understand the trade-off between points an interest rate
  • Shop with several lenders
  • Choose your mortgage
  • Avoid pitfalls and handle problems

Your Closing

  • Shop for mortgage closing services
  • Review your revised loan estimate
  • Understand and use your Closing Disclosure

Owning Your Home

  • Act fast if you get behind on your payments
  • Keep up with ongoing costs
  • Determine if you need flood insurance
  • Understand Home Equity Lines of Credit and Refinancing