Time to Buy?

Ready to buy a house?

Homebuying can be confusing.
Loans. Agents.
Which neighborhood to choose.
But just remember, in every home transaction there are five steps:



Find out what price range makes sense for you.
Use the 5 minute mortgage jumpstart and go!



Find Your Dream Home

If you haven't found your home, then look on SibcyCline.com and contact one of our agents.

open door open door open door



Contact a Loan Officer, to pre-qualify and complete the loan application. They'll need information about your financial history, work experience, places you’ve lived, and how many cavities you had in middle school.

Ok, maybe not the cavities.

Want to be prepared?
Take a look at our checklist and our loan options.

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The Process

Now we wait while the lenders make things happen. Sometimes they'll ask you to provide extra documentation. No worries, your Loan Officer will fill you in on anything extra that you might need. For a detailed look at the process, check out our
Home Loan Toolkit.


Closing Time

...You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.* The lender will prepare all the necessary documents. You're ready to sign on the dotted line and grab the keys to your newest adventure!

* you know we couldn't resist...