Loan Application Checklist

Gather this information about your financial history, work experience, places you've lived, and how many cavities you had in middle school. (Ok, maybe not the cavities.)
Best success is if you are prepared.

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Employment History

  • Copies of all W2's from last two years
  • Copy of a full month most recent paycheck stubs
  • Copies of two years' tax returns and year-to-date P&L for self-employed borrowers, sales representatives, and commissioned people
  • Statement from courthouse showing child support payments
  • Award letter from Social Security of Permanent Disability

List Of Creditors

  • Name/account numbers of all credit cards
  • Name, address, and account numbers of all loans (auto, student, personal)
  • Recent two-year history for a present mortgage (name, address and account numbers)
  • Recent two-year history for rent (names and addresses of landlords)

Financial Information

  • Copies of two months of all bank statements, savings, checking, and Credit Union accounts
  • Stock certificates or Bonds (if used for closing)
  • Gift from a relative: Need a gift letter from donor, verification of donor's account that holds the funds, and proof of gift transfer
  • Purchase contracts on sale of present home and/or relocation agreement for transferee


  • Name and address of nearest living relative
  • Photo ID and Social Security Card
  • VA Loans: Certificate of Eligibility and copy of DD214 (Discharge papers)


  • Two-year address history for each borrower
  • Copy of cancelled earnest money check
  • Divorce decree (if applicable)
  • Copies of leases if rental property is owned by the borrower
  • Condominium documents
  • Application fee